Simon Foster

Dr Simon Foster

My Son attends Wheatcroft, soon to be followed by his sister, who is keen to join ‘her school’.

My background is in science and education and I currently work in the University sector. As a young boy, I was fascinated by Space and Astronomy and was lucky enough to follow my dreams and work in these areas. I hope to help support the students at Wheatcroft develop and nurture their skills and talents, giving them the best possible foundation from which they too can follow their passions in life.

I am delighted to be part of the governing body and look forward to working with my fellow governors, teachers, PTFA and parents to make this best possible environment for our children.

FULL NAME: Dr Simon Foster

CATEGORY: Parent Governor

APPOINTING BODY: The Governing Body of Wheatcroft Primary School

TERM OF OFFICE: 26th April 2021- 25th April 2025

Committee/s served on: Full Governing Body

Details of Responsibility: Science

Relevant Business Interests: