Rachael Adler

Rachael Adler

I currently work in Children’s services for Hertfordshire, and have recently moved over to being a LA governor for Wheatcroft School.

I am a chartered accountant with 19+ years business experience, and am really pleased to be able to offer my skills and experience to the Governor team and Teaching staff.

I have 2 sons at Wheatcroft, and a toddler who is eager to get to big school! Through this I have seen first-hand the quality of teaching and the excellent start in schooling life Wheatcroft provides, together with the fun and inclusive nature of the school.

I aim to work with the governors and teachers to ensure the great work at Wheatcroft continues, and the children continue to thrive both educationally and socially.

FULL NAME: Mrs Rachael Adler

CATEGORY: Local Authority  Governor, Parent

APPOINTING BODY: The Governing Body of Wheatcroft Primary School

TERM OF OFFICE: 4th December 2017 – 31st December 2023

Committee/s served on: Full Governing Body

Details of Responsibility: Vice Chair

Relevant Business Interests: I work for Children’s Services HCC