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Daniel Hewitt

Picture of Daniel Hewitt

  I am currently a serving Headteacher in a local primary school and live in Hertford. Community involvement and primary education have been a part …

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Leon Brown

Picture of Leon Brown

FULL NAME: Leon Brown CATEGORY: Co-opted Governor APPOINTING BODY: The Governing Body of Wheatcroft Primary School TERM OF OFFICE: 2nd February 2022 – 2nd February 2026 …

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Simon Foster

Dr Simon Foster

My Son attends Wheatcroft, soon to be followed by his sister, who is keen to join ‘her school’. My background is in science and education …

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Rachael Adler

I currently work in Children’s services for Hertfordshire, and have recently moved over to being a LA governor for Wheatcroft School. I am a chartered …

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